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Cameo EKS 20 M

Артикул: AH-CLLEKS20M
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  • Remote emergency stop for laser lights
  • Push-to-stop, twist-to-release red palm button
  • Key control prevents unauthorized operation
  • Fixed 20 m double shielded cable
  • Metal interlock connector

The EKS 20 M is a key controlled push-to-stop and twist-to-release master switch that connects to a laser lights' remote interlock input. The unit features a highly visible bright yellow enclosure of hardwearing impact resistant plastic with a red emergency stop palm button. The metal interlock connector of the permanently attached double shielded 20 m cable is suitable for all Cameo lasers. The interlock connector can easily be replaced with that included with your laser. The EKS 20 M is compliant with all European regulations for Class IIIb and IV laser light safety.

  • Product type Laser Accessories
  • Weight 1,1 kg
  • Height 65 mm
  • Width 72 mm
  • Length 110 mm
  • Switching function Opener (Contact B red) andshutter (Contact A green)

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