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Gravity NS 411

Артикул: AH-GNS411
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  • Sturdy construction
  • Die-cast plate locking mechanism
  • Heavy duty aluminium die-cast base and collar
  • Lightweight construction

This music stand is based on a classic design. Attention was given to details such as the support joint which is made of die-cast material for a precise fit, the base connector and the height adjustment. Utilising the Gravity-typical ergonomic set screw knobs - made from high-grade ABS with a soft touch, non-slip thermoplastic coating and heavy duty metal joints, this stand is designed to withstand harsh treatment in the everyday life of a musician.

  • Product type Stands and Tripods
  • Weight 3,9 kg
  • Type Music stand
  • Min. height 660 mm
  • Max. height 1200 mm
  • Stand colour Black
  • Stand material steel
  • Stand surface powder coated
  • Music desk type perforated music desk
  • Support material steel
  • Support surface powder coated
  • Support colour Black
  • Support width 340 mm
  • Support height 475 mm

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