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Adam Hall Accessories FIDP 840 S

Артикул: AH-FIDP840S
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  • Combination of two material components for better performance
  • Secure functions for solid (expansion) and hollow building materials (folding)
  • Easy installation: narrow edge of the plug prevents it from falling deeper into the drill hole
  • Best possible feedback from the anchor - you can feel that the anchor is sitting perfectly
  • With the appropriate screw 5.0 x 60 for maximum hold

The fischer DUOPOWER offers excellent load-bearing values as a result of the 2 components: The grey component made from high-quality nylon automatically activates the optimum product function (expansion, folding) for the best hold, depending on the substrate. The expansion wings of the red component facilitate secure expansion and provide additional security for the grey component. Simple tightening of the screw and correct "pulling" at the end. No over-tightening of the screw. The edge, formed on the anchor head, prevents the anchor from sliding into the drill hole. The versatile DUOPOWER is of course also the first choice for mounting lights, bars and mounting of wall mounts, speakers and permanent installations. It is an indispensable accessory for all situations where you need to rely on a strong and permanent bond when mounting.

VPE: 50 units

  • Product type Fittings
  • Weight 0,005 kg
  • Drill Hole Diameter 8 mm
  • Min. Drill Hole Depth 65 mm
  • Anchor Length 40 mm
  • Wood and Chipboard Screws 5 x 60 mm
  • Max. Fixture Thickness 15 mm

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