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Adam Hall Hardware 0135 KIT

Артикул: AH-0135KIT
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Repair Kit to fix smaller damages of different surfaces.

The set contains a battery operated (3xAA-size) melting device, one universal scraper (hidden inside of the scraper there are two little pieces of web for polishing or matting), four wax sticks (2x black, 1x grey, 1x blue) and a piece of tissue for cleaning the tip of the melting device.

The melting device works like a soldering iron: The tip gets hot within a few seconds to melt the wax. Let the molten wax drop into the damaged spot and after hardening the spot can be finished with the scraper. With a little bit of practice, the damage gets nearly invisible!

The cap of the melting device does not only cover the tip of the device, it also locks the operating button to prevent accidentally switching on the device.

Example of usage for speaker cabinets: Small damages of the painting like scratches or dents can be fixed simple and cheap.

Example of usage for flight cases: How fast this could happen: While mounting case fittings the drill slides down into the surface of the case and damages the PVC foil. In worst case the hole panel has to be replaced! With the repair kit it’s possible to fix the defect cheap and easy and nearly invisible.

Generally the wax sticks can be ordered for all our plywood colours. But colours different from black, grey and blue will NOT be in stock! They can be ordered upon request, minimum quantity are 10 sticks! Item numbers are 0135#, # is for the colour, same code as our plywood colours.

The standard colours are available as single sticks:

  • Black: item no 01357
  • Grey: item no 01353
  • Blue: item no 01355
  • Product type Flightcase Accessories
  • Weight 0,45 kg
  • Set consists of 1x wax stick blue pcs., 1x wax stick grey pcs., 2x wax stick black pcs., melter pcs., small matting cloth pcs., small polishing cloth pcs., universal scraper pcs.

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