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Adam Hall Truss T-CLAW

Артикул: AH-38220
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The T-Claw is a practical, smart solution for secure stacking of all standard trusses with an outer tube dimension of 290mm (e.g., Global Truss, Prolyte, Eurotruss, Adam Hall Truss), which clamps in place on top and is held by its own tension. Thanks to the special shape of the T-Claw and the inlaid rubber elements on the top, the trusses stacked on it are secured so that they do not slip and are protected against scratches. The waved profile on the bottom of the T-Claw permits easy hauling over smooth surfaces (for example, parquet, marble, or hall floors) and prevents damage to the underlying surfaces. The T-Claw is made of non-breakable black plastic with the dimensions 292 x 99 x 59 mm and weighs 288 g.

These truss types (among others) are compatible with the T-CLAW:
  • Global Truss: F34
  • Prolyte: X30V
  • Eurotruss: HD34
  • Naxpro: FD34
  • Alutruss: Quadlock 6082, Quadlock QL-ET34
  • Litec: QD30S, QD30SA
  • Expotruss: X4K-30, X4K-30/A
  • Adam Hall Truss: Quadro 290A
  • Product type Truss Accessories
  • Colour Black
  • Weight 0,288 kg
  • Material PA6
  • Width 99 mm
  • Type Truss Stacker
  • Length 292 mm
  • Surface nature
  • For truss with outer tube dimension 290 mm

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