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Adam Hall Accessories 0157 X 46 B

Артикул: AH-0157X46B
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The Gauze 202 is a coarse, wind- and sound-permeable mesh fabric made from polyethylene. With a medium density look, it is suitable for coverings, curtains and blinds for stage and event technology, in trade fair construction and many other fields. The durable, tear-resistant material is sold by the metre with a width of 3 m, is hemmed and fitted with eyelets, and comes in black or white and a variety of sizes.

Gauze 202 is acid, weather and heat resistant, as well as water repellent. There are mounting clamps and cable ties as accessories.

  • Hemmed and fitted with eyelets (eyelet spacing 50 cm)
  • UV-resistant and colorfast up to 3 years
  • washable
  • non-transparent from a distance of 25 m approx.
  • Temperature range from -30°C to +70°C
  • Custom designs available on request
  • Dimensional tolerances of +/- 5% are of a technical nature and depend on the temperature and humidity.
  • for use as an open-air stage lining
  • Product type Gauze
  • Colour Black
  • Weight 3,36 kg
  • Width 4 m
  • Type 202, medium mesh
  • Length 6 m
  • Fire protection class B1
  • Wind-permeable 37%

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