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LD Systems M G2 SPS

Артикул: AH-LDMG2SPS
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With this set, MAUI 11 G2 and 28 G2 subwoofers and columns are easily and quickly mounted and taken apart. The heavy cast iron base with 50 cm steel tube attachment adjusts the column to the optimal height; it can also be screwed directly onto the base for use at home or in low-ceilinged rooms. The set includes a 5 m speaker cable and two adapters for the multipin connectors which are equipped with speaker and Euroblock sockets for connecting the column to the subwoofer. The MAUI base set is available with a black (LDMG2SPS) or a white (LDMG2SPSW) powder coating.

  • Product type PA Loudspeakers Accessories
  • Weight 12,1 kg
  • Features Column Adapter M20 Thread, Speakon compatible, Terminal Block Connector
  • Material Column Adapter aluminium
  • Surface Column Adapter powder coated
  • Colour Column Adapter Black
  • Dimensions Column Adapter (B x H x T) 100mm x 65mm x 105mm
  • Weight Column Adapter 0.7 kg
  • Features Subwoofer Adapter Speakon compatible, Terminal Block Connector
  • Material Subwooferadapter aluminium
  • Subface Subwoofer Adapter powder coated
  • Colour Subwoofer Adapter Black
  • Dimensions Subwoofer Adapter (W x H x D) 100mm x 105mm x 105mm
  • Weight Subwoofer Adapter 0.5 kg
  • Colour Terminal Block Connector green
  • Features Terminal Block Connector 4 pole
  • Quantity Terminal Block Connector 2 pcs.
  • Material Pole steel
  • Surface Pole powder coated
  • Colour Pole Black
  • Lenght Pole 500 mm
  • Weight Pole 1 kg
  • Material Base Plate die-cast iron
  • Base surface powder coated
  • Colour Base Plate Black
  • Diameter Base Plate 450 mm
  • Weight Base Pole 9 kg
  • Connectors Speaker Cable Speakon compatible
  • Colour Speaker Cable Black
  • Lenght Speaker Cable 5 m
  • Weight Speaker Cable 0.9 kg

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