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LD Systems CURV 500 STS

Артикул: AH-LDCURV500STS
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If the distance between the speaker base and the satellites on a CURV array system needs to be increased for enhanced stereo experience, the CURV 500 STS is the optimal solution. This Stereo Set includes the CURV 500 DB distance bar, a round CURV 500 SSB speaker stand base with integrated extension, a SmartLink® adapter and a 8 metre speaker cable. The CURV 500 Entertainer Set can be operated with this set in the left and right channels with two satellites each. When purchasing a further four satellites, i.e. twice the CURV 500 S2 Set with two speakers each, you can even operate eight array satellites in stereo mode. This configuration with a subwoofer and 8 array satellites is particularly suitable for voice applications.

  • Product type PA Complete Systems Accessories
  • Colour Black
  • Weight 8,2 kg
  • Material steel
  • Height 474 mm
  • Width 122 mm
  • Depth 57 mm
  • Type Speaker stand base
  • Surface powder coated
  • Accessories (included) Speaker cable CURV 500 CABLE 4 (8 m)
  • Features 2x M6 thread for optional wall mount
  • Connectors 1x Speakon compatible
  • Transport length 580 mm
  • Tubing surface powder coated
  • Tubing colour Black
  • Tubing material steel
  • Max height 1365 mm
  • Min height: 1015 mm
  • Height adjustment Clamp with safety pin
  • Material of height adjustment steel
  • Lower connector M20

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