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LD Systems DDQ 12

Артикул: AH-LDDDQ12
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Quality 1 millisecond ahead … the LD Systems DDQ 12 active speaker.

The LD Systems DDQ 12 is an extremely high-performance 2-way active speaker for compact systems, FOH and monitor applications, delay lines, and permanent installations. The groundbreaking design and comprehensive features with leading components ensure superior performance in its class.

Trouble-free operation of the DDQ 12 is ensured by a specially programmed Sharc DSP with 24-bit/48-kHz converters that have remarkable dynamics of 127dB. It incorporates volume control, delay, EQ, crossover, phase, and all protection functions for the drivers and power amps. Heat sinks and a silent fan provide additional protection against overheating. The decisive advantage is attained by a predictive peak limiter with a look-ahead time of 1 millisecond. It guarantees absolute freedom from distortion even at maximum volume.

The DDQ 12 is loaded with a 12” Faital Pro PR300 neodymium woofer and a BMS tweeter. The asymmetrical tweeter horn offers optimal, even sound level distribution from the very first to the very last row of the audience. Its design ensures extraordinarily dynamic, linear reproduction up to 20 kHz. The two drivers are powered separately by two Class D Hypex UCD400 power stage modules with an output of 800W RMS. They have a load-controlled, linear frequency response and extremely low total harmonic distortion with extremely low noise and, thanks to their switching power supply, maximum efficiency. The maximum sound pressure level of the DDQ 12 is 134 dB with a dispersion angle of 80° x 50°; the horizontal sound distribution is characterized by extraordinary symmetry.

The input, link, and switchable subwoofer output of the DDQ 12 take the form of XLR sockets. A ground lift switch eliminates ground loop hum, and the system functions are indicated by LEDs.

The sturdy bass-reflex enclosure is made of 15mm birch plywood with a polyurethaned coating and a front grille made of steel. There is an integral 50° angle for use as a floor monitor and the tweeter horn can be turned accordingly. It has an adjustable tilt stand mount. The innovative Evolutive handles and the low weight facilitate transport. The DDQ 12 active system is made in Germany.

  • Product type PA loudspeaker
  • Weight 17 kg
  • Height 600 mm
  • Width 360 mm
  • Depth 378 mm
  • Frequency response 54 - 20000 Hz
  • Type Actives
  • Cabinet material 15 mm Birch Plywood
  • Controls Gain, ground lift, mains switch (on/off), X-Over Sub
  • Operating voltage 180 - 264 V AC, 47 - 63 Hz
  • Indicators Operate, Peak Limit, Signal, X-Over Sub
  • Cabinet surface Polyurea
  • Features *Short Term Max. SPL Peak @ 1m with Pink Noise, SM707 stand mount 36 mm
  • Line input connectors XLR
  • Line outputs 2
  • Line output connectors XLR
  • Protection circuits DSP-based 'look ahead' limiter, over voltage, over-current, RMS power supply limiter, RMS speaker limiter
  • Line inputs 1
  • Woofer size 305 mm
  • Tweeter dimensions 1 '
  • Tweeter dimensions (mm) 25.4 mm
  • Low/mid driver dimensions 12 '
  • Cabinet construction vented
  • RMS 800 (2 x 400) W
  • Amplifier 2 x Class D, Hypex Ucd400
  • Max. SPL (continuous) 121 @ 100 - 10.000 Hz dB
  • Dispersion (H x V) 80 x 50°
  • Tweeter magnet ceramic
  • Tweeter brand BMS
  • Low/mid driver magnet Neodymium
  • Low/mid driver brand Faital Pro
  • Integrated media player no
  • Low/mid driver voice coil 63.5 mm
  • Max. SPL (peak) 134* dB
  • Crossover frequency 1500 Hz
  • Monitor angle 50°
  • Design DSP controlled
  • Tweeter voice coil 1 '
  • Tweeter voice coil (mm) 25.4 mm

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